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ETERNO - The taste of family passion

From love to good food and connection between different flavours, we have created family company manufacturing all products according to unique recipes. Nowadays, three generations of our family work there.

All products are created according to own, unique, tested recipes. All of the products are natural with no preservatives and additives added. We select fruits of the best quality. To ensure sustainability the products are pasteurized.

Our priority is the highest quality and the best taste of preserves, so we still try to work harder to maintain quality and invent new flavuors of products.

The first products on which Eterno's logo appeared were lemons with rum. Then we decided that we fulfil the assortment. Now we hale more than 50 the highest quality products. We have both conventional and innovative flavours of preserves.

Preserves can be used as an additive to dishes such as roasted meats, poultry, to tea and soft drinks, to alcoholic drinks and for dacorating cakes and desserts.

Discover the joy of combining preserves ETERNO, creating tasty and natural dishes and become the connoisseur of taste.

We are a socially responsible company. Because we produce natural fruit preserves without preservatives and other unnatural supplements, we support the Wybieram Zdrowie Foundation, which contributes and promotes our values - healthy lifestyle and proper diet. The main goal of the Wybieram Zdrowie Foundation is to reduce the incidence of civilization diseases by promoting a healthy lifestyle, including great diet and physical activity. In Poland the most common causes of death are heart disease (46%) and cancer (24%). These diseases are closely connected with leading unhealthy lifestyle and in most cases they can be successfully prevented. Their share in the coming years will increase with the population's getting older. Nevertheless, we can counteract this.
Delivering the highest quality products that meet our customers' requirements in terms of food safety is ETERNO's top priority. In order to ensure the highest standard of production we adhere to the principles of Good Hygiene Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice, and we have implemented the HACCP system. Since March 2016 we have adjusted our factory to organic production, we have obtained the certificate of conformity PL-EKO-06-005106 / P / 16/1 and introduced a new ECO line of products.
We invite you to join us. Wholesalers, distributors, tea and coffee shops, gastronomy, bars, food discounters, catering companies, ecological stores, colonial and health stores.
We fulfill orders within whole Poland.
We invite to cooperation also foreign companies.
For advertising agencies we have created a special offer of products in the form of gift sets. These are the perfect gifts for your business partner and employees. We are open to suggestions, and we can freely compose gifts at your discretion, affix your company logo, choose color combinations.
Contact us if you want to know the details, conditions and prices.

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