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Pepper Salsa
10.00 PLN


Basia's great-grandma said that European cuisine is so varied thanks to local spices being added to dishes. If a pork knuckle is prepared by a Frenchman, then he will certainly use Herbes de Provence and add white wine. A German will use pepper, caraway and marjoram instead. When Basia prepared the first pizza in her life, she also decided to add something special. She chose a pepper salsa. The sweet and spicy sauce was completely different from the traditional one made of tomatoes and basil, but it was just as good. The taste was different—local, ours. Grandma would be proud, for sure.


The pepper salsa is a sweet and spicy composition of pepper, tomatoes and garlic. It can be used instead of ketchup. Contrary to numerous tomato sauces on the market, our jar does not contain preservatives.


The jar is a perfect addition to all sorts of meats. This includes both hot, grilled meats as well as appetizers based on cold cuts. You can use the sauce for French bread toasts and spaghetti as well. It may be used as a ready-made sauce, for instance for meat balls, or one of many ingredients which amplify the taste. It is also good for Mexican cuisine, for example as a dip for nachos.



pepper 61%, tomatoes, sugar, oil, vinegar, garlic, spices.

Net content:


Tastes best with...

meat, ham, cheese, pizza, spaghetti

Nutrition value per 100g of product:

energy value: 578kJ/ 138kcal, total fat: 6,5g, saturated fat: 0,7g, carbohydrates: 20g, sugars: 18g, protein: 1,5g, salt: 0,60g.

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