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Tsar fig and poppy seed jam
15.00 PLN


According to Basia's, Krzyś' and Jacek's grandma's notes the “fig and poppy seed” jam was supposed to be present on the tsar's table. It was served on porcelain saucers as an addition to tea made in a gold samovar. This was such an inspiring story that it would be a shame not to use it. One day Basia's father combined figs and poppy seeds as mentioned before. Then he added notes of pears and melon as well as dried fruits. The result was a jar with such rich taste that no monarch would decline it. It was truly tsar-worthy.


If something is not worth a fig it means that it is worth nothing. However, if you receive Eterno's fig and poppy seed jam, you should not treat it so. The jar contains an incredible composition to flavours and a story which was passed from generation to generation. No artificial colourings, aromas or preservatives.


Mentioning the possible uses for the tsar's jam is pointless, just like counting poppy seeds. The jar could well serve as a base for writing a cooking book. The jam can be used on a warm challach covered with a thin layer of homemade butter to remind you of the time of your carefree childhood. If you want a quick dessert you only need to cut French pastry into squares, put a spoonful of the jam on them and bake them. You can also brew some tea, take out porcelain saucers and feel like a tsar's guest.



fruits: quince, fig 14% (from the outside of Poland), dried pear, apricots, melon; raisins, sugar, poppy seed 5% (from the outside of Poland), orange zest. Made with 80g of fruits per 100g of product.

Net content:


Tastes best with...

desserts and bread

Nutrition value per 100g of product:

energy value: 1039kJ/248kcal, total fat: 2,1g, saturated fat: 0,3g, carbohydrates: 59g, sugars: 53g, protein: 2,1g, salt: 0,03g.


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