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Fruits in syrup

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Fruits in syrup
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Fruits in syrup
15.00 PLN

Fruits in syrup

Fruit in syrup is a delicious treat that every sweets fan will love. Tea with lemon is a classic, but this popular beverage combined with lemons in rum will completely change its taste. It's a perfect combination for an autumn afternoon or winter evening when it's cold outside and we want to warm up. It is also worth trying other interesting combinations: lemons with cinnamon, mint or cranberries.

Fruit in syrup is also a great addition to desserts. It is rgeat to decorate pancakes or ice cream with them, and it is best to experiment and find your favourite combination yourself. In summer they are perfect for lemonade or refreshing drinks.

You will not find artificial substances in Eterno products - our products are based on natural ingredients, sun-ripened fruit and spices that give them a unique taste. Check out the offer of fruits in syrup and choose the most interesting option for yourself. Lemons, oranges, homemade raspberries, or maybe exotic mangoes? Try them all!

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