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Banana butter

Tastes best with desserts, pancakes and bread.

Banana butter is a handmade rarity. Main ingredient is banana, but we use fresh pineapples to make sweetness less intensive. Peeling was not too easy, however totally worth making. We add coconut milk to receive ideal, smooth spreading consistency. And last, but the most important is fact that we choose ingredients so carefully to make butter sugarfree. More...


EN_Unique recipe

Pear chutney

Pear chutney tastes good served both cold and warm. It is great for meat, ham and pasta. Tastes well with grilled fish, for example salmon. On party, serve chutney on the cheeseboard.

Handmade sauce prepared according to traditional methods. We choose oldest, best variant of mazovian pears. One of the sweetest Polish fruits, we combine with additives which taste well with dry and spicy dishes. Try this perfect combination of onion, sour cranberry, garlic and spices with sweet, juicy pear. More...


EN_Aromatic spices and harbs

Tsar fig and poppy seed jam

Tastes best with desserts, bread and cheese.

The jar contains an incredible composition to flavours and a story which was passed from generation to generation. No artificial colourings, aromas or preservatives. More...


EN_Unique recipe

Lemons with rum

Perfect addition to tea, lemonade, drinks, different kind of dishes and desserts.

Lemons with rum are Eterno's flagship product. We prepare them using the best, carefully selected lemons, rum and sugar. They are not diluted with water. The list of ingredients is short and it does not include any preservatives. The process of making them is labour-intensive and extensive, which guarantees a unique taste and the highest quality. Read more...

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EN_Fruits in syrup2

Quince syrup

Quince syrup can be used all year round. You can make delicious tea and lemonade with it. It also gives a characteristic, sweet and sour note to various desserts.

Quince syrup is particularly recommended during colder times of year. This is thanks to quince fruits which are irreplaceable at that time. The slightly smaller and more acidic flowering quince is just as rich in vitamins and minerals as much larger quince fruits. By combining them within one recipe we wanted to help you fight midwinter blues. More...



Pepper Salsa

The jar is a perfect addition to all sorts of meats. This includes both hot, grilled meats as well as appetizers based on cold cuts. You can use the sauce for French bread toasts and spaghetti as well.

The pepper salsa is a sweet and spicy composition of pepper, tomatoes and garlic. It can be used instead of ketchup. Contrary to numerous tomato sauces on the market, our jar does not contain preservatives. More...


EN_Aromatic spices and harbs

Food blog

Gingerbread cookies
12 December, 2017
Sweet gingerbread cookies, fast to prepare and ready to eat after baking. These cookies are so fun to decorate, give kids tons of sprinkles to decorate and they will be in Heaven. Cookies served with ginger tea great heat on winter day.
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Tea with lemons
8 December, 2017
Hot tea with lemon and rum. Delicious and very aromatic. Lemons added to black tea, make them amazing flavour. Great beverage for autumn day.
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Colorful sandwiches with horseradish
7 December, 2017
Delicious, easy breakfast. Full of aroma sandwiches with spicy horseradish and roasted pork. Delicious!
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Gifts for every occasion

Taste of summer

This quartet will push out monotony from your kitchen. The “Taste of Summer” comprises four syrups prepared according to traditional, grandma's recipes. Experiment and have fun with their unique tastes. You can use particular ones depending on your mood and time of year. We must warn you, though, that choosing just one out of the four flavours can be a difficult task.

Taste of summer set contains:
  • Raspberry and honey syrup
  • Vanilla syrup
  • Cranberry syrup with herbs
  • Quince syrup
  • Decorations

Cranberry Garden

There is no such thing as too much cranberry. We collected all cranberry preserves in one set to ensure that you can enjoy these delicacies at any time. The circle of enthusiasts of this combination mainly includes women. The “Cranberry Garden” set is just waiting to be given as a gift for Mother's Day or Grandparents Day.

The "Cranberry Garden" set includes:
  • Cranberry with quince
  • Mango with cranberry
  • Cranberry syrup with herbs
  • Decorations