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Homemade yogurt with strawberries

Homemade yogurt with strawberries

09 November 2017
Quick and easy light breakfast for each season of teh year. You can use fresh or frozen strawberries or only strawberries from the jar. Dealicious and healthy.

20 October 2017

18 October 2017
Pumpkin and banana smoothie

Pumpkin and banana smoothie

27 September 2017
High protein milk shake good for athletes after practise. Full of nutrients and aroma. Great for breakfast and as a snack during the day.
Homemade coconut milk

Homemade coconut milk

26 September 2017
Delicious, homemade coconut milk, perfect for vegan breakfast. No additives added, all natural. Better in taste and more healthy than milk in cans, which you can buy in stores.

20 September 2017

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